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Photo Gallery

A few of our satisfied (and adorable) clients!
  • cavaliers
  • walker
  • teddy
  • mercutio
  • chloe
  • carmen
  • belle
  • annie
  • daisy
  • riley
  • sammy
  • kayden
  • maris-mantle
  • bode
  • viv-lucy
  • dozer
  • winston
  • vivian
  • tuffy
  • stella
  • sadie
  • brandy-orbit
  • rosey
  • reka
  • rebelScout
  • myrtle
  • misty
  • lucy
  • lucky
  • lola
  • kaycee
  • greta
  • gilliLilcat
  • frannie
  • sam
  • walterMemory
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As a dog lover and overly protective parent to my dogs Stella and Teddy, I never thought I could find someone who would take care of them the way I would myself.  We were lucky to find TWO people! Jerri and Theresa treat our dogs like they were their own, and we never have to worry about them in their care.  From the daily writings about each visit, to the phone calls if one of them just doesn't seem "right", I can relax throughout the day knowing they are safe and happy at home.  And, if for some reason we need an emergency visit, they've worked miracles to help us out.  Our dogs' health and well-being are as important to them as it is to us, and that kind of commitment is hard to find.  Don't look anywhere else.  L&L is the best!

Patti and Steve